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Cooking teams receive six slabs of ribs, six whole cut-up chickens and proofed pizza dough for up to a dozen pizzas.  

Round One
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Round Two
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Round Three

Smoking and roasting pork ribs in the Big Green Egg is a fan favorite. 


Each team will be furnished with several slabs of ribs for the first round of grilling and smoking.

Chicken is perhaps the most versatile and popular poultry cooked on a Big Green Egg.  


Each team will be furnished with several whole chickens which can be grilled, smoked or baked whole or any way you please. 

Big Green Egg chefs know that the Big Green Egg performs as a very efficient fire-brick oven.

Each team will be provided with several balls of 12" pizza dough ready to be rolled and stretched as the perfect canvas for each teams special ingredients.